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We write the music you want to hear.

House of El Music

Working hard every day:

Helping you be the Superhero you were meant to be

No matter what your involvement in the music world is, you’re a superhero. You work hard choosing the right music for every occasion and sometimes the exact piece is nowhere to be found. At House of El Music, we will make you a custom arrangement, orchestration, or composition to perfectly fit your group’s ability and style.

Take that bow! You deserve it.

We’ll be standing and applauding you as well… in a slightly less cool super suit.


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He is such a good boy.
I trust Paul with all my biggest projects. I even told him my true identity.
Always a crowd favorite at every concert. House of El Music never disappoints - unlike Paul.
EX-Girl Friend
With great power comes great responsibility. *long exhale
Uncle Ben

About Me

My name is Paul

I began piano lessons when I was in the second grade and was able to hold off on practicing until high school. By the time I got to college, I was so bad at music, I had to major in voice and then get my masters in conducting. I began writing music during my college years and found out how nice it was to have other people do all the practice to perform my pieces. I continued this for several years as a teacher and church music employee.

My influences include Bach, Mozart, Holst, Copeland, Villa Lobos, anything Broadway but especially Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Loewe, and Sondheim. I sometimes borrow ideas and sounds from them but mostly I straight up steal.

My goal is to tell a story with every piece of music I write using words, instruments, musical colors and moods.

My side kick is a moderately well behaved beagle named CK. I was born in Michigan but moved to Texas as fast as I could. I currently live in Dallas.

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